What kind of underlayment can be used? 
We recommend using LuxWalk underlayment for our Devine Color Floor line. This can be ordered directly through our distributor by any local retailer. More information on LuxWalk can be found here.

How many sq feet come in a box? 
Devine Lock has 28.63 sq. ft./12 pcs per box.
Devine Contact Plank has 36.25 sq. ft./15 pcs per box.
Devine Contact Luxe Plank (wide plank) has 36 sq. ft./12 pcs per box.
Devine Contact Long plank has 36.25 sq. ft./12 pcs per box
Devine Contact Tile (18" x 18") has 36 sq. ft./16 pcs per box.

How much flooring do I need to order?
Measure the square footage of your space then add 10%. For example if your room was 10" x 10" = 100 sq. feet you would need to plan for 110 sq. feet. For Devine Lock, that would total 4 boxes. The extra is for overage to use for cutting and correct joint spacing. 

What is the wear layer?
The wear layer is the invisible top layer of your flooring. The thicker the wear layer, the more durable the floor. All of our products have a commercial grade wear layer, available in either a .30mm + Polyurethane wear layer (12 mil light commercial grade) or a .55mm + Polyurethane wear layer (22 mil heavy commercial grade). 

How do you clean Devine Color floors?
Very easily! In most cases a damp mop will do the job. For more in-depth cleaning processes, please refer to our instructions page on the main menu. 

Can I glue down Devine Lock?
Although in almost all cases it is not necessary, you may glue down Devine Lock. Use a standard LVT adhesive and follow adhesive directions. Please contact your local rep, or us directly with any specific information as to why it is needed and we can assist you.

Can I glue down Devine Contact?
Yes, Devine Contact can be glued and will become permanent. Follow the directions on a standard LVT glue to created a completely permanent installation. 

Do I need to place protectors on my furniture legs to prevent scratching?
Devine Color floors are very durable. However, in addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, we do recommend protectors when possible. This will ensure a beautiful Devine Color floor for years to come. Simple felt pads available at local hardware or big box stores, or more durable products like these are recommended. 

I'm thinking of installing Devine Color Floor in an uncontrolled environment (such as a basement or garage), how do I prevent bunching or gapping?
All LVT products are subject to normal expansion and contraction. Houses and buildings will also expand, shift, and contract. If you are worried about the temperature fluctuation in an uncontrolled environment, you can take the following steps to avoid bunching or gapping.

  1. Expansion gaps are more noticeable in lighter floors. Try installing a dark wood or stone color to avoid noticeable gaps.
  2. For troublesome areas, both Devine Lock and Devine Contact can be glued directly to the subfloor. Using a standard LVT adhesive will result in a permanent installation and dramatically reduce the chances of expansion or contraction.

How do I fix gaps in my Devine Color Floor?
In normal conditions, it is very rare to experience gapping issues with Devine Color Floors. If you do notice gapping in your floor, it is likely that the environment is reaching abnormally high or low temperatures, or was not properly installed. You can use grout to easily fill in occasional gaps in your floor, we have three grout colors available for purchase. Please call us at (503) 675-9519 with questions about grout or gapping issues.

Have any more questions?
Feel free to submit your question via the contact us page. You can also call us any time at (503) 675-9519 or email us at info@devinecolorfloor.com. Customer care is very important to us, we will strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.