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The devine color difference

"The difference in the colors is that this palette was designed by an artist..."

I developed an interior color palette one-tenth the size of other paint lines and focused on simple color, reflective qualities and luscious finishes. Colors had to be concise, truthful and simple to see. They had to mix and match like a natural landscape. They had to be visually understood. Now, the same vision I had for wall colors has spilled out of the can and onto the floor. I selected only the best colors and eliminated the rest.

— Gretchen Schauffler
Artist & Founder of Devine Color


Perfect color, without the wood drama

Let’s be honest, finding a scratch in your hardwoods is like finding a gray hair. But life happens (so do pets and high heels), and while coloring your hair is easy, refinishing or restaining your hardwoods can be an expensive ordeal. You should be able to dance, play and make a mess without worrying about what it will do to the floor. That’s why Devine Color Floors are commercially rated to be completely scratch-proof, dent-proof, waterproof and sound absorbing. How much fun can your floor handle?

See The Difference

Our wood and stone patterns are born on the canvas. We then produce huge (and I mean HUGE), detailed art prints that look just like the real thing, right down to the smallest detail. Compare our High-Definition printing to other wood and stone patterns and see the difference for yourself.