AVAILABLE NOW! Devine Contact's revolutionary patent pending adhesive backing creates a bond that is both permanent and easily removable. It’s as easy as prep your surface, place the flooring, press it down and you're done! Once it is pressed to the prepared floor surface the adhesive backing is activated to create a permanent bond. The unique backing allows for easy removal once the initial bond is broken and leaves no glue or adhesive residue. Because the bond is so strong, Devine Contact flooring can be used in residential environments as well as heavy commercial applications. Devine Contact is available in the 10 plank and 9 tile colors represented below. Click here for installation instructions.

For more questions or to order please call 503-303-5753 or email us at info@devinecolorfloor.com
Devine White Zebrano 60571-C   Plank size 6x36   View Room Scene
Devine Light Zebrano 60573-C Plank size 6x36 View Room Scene
Devine Live Oak 91911-C Plank Size 7.25x48 
Devine Wainscot Oak 92912-C   Plank size 7.25x48   
Devine Falcata Oak 92172-C Plak size 7.25x48 
Devine Queensland Oak 93173-C Plank size 7.25x48 
Devine Brown Oak 97177-C Plank size 7.25x48 
Devine Austrian Oak 97179-C Plank size 7.25x48 
Devine Fumed Oak 97917-C Plank size 7.25x48 
Devine Black Oak 99919-C Plank size 7.25x48 
Devine Sandstone 51104-C  Tile size 18x18
Devine White 97415-C  Tile size 18x18
Devine Grise 52713-C Tile size 18x18
Devine Blue Concrete 55202-C Tile size 18x18
Devine Adalyn Slate 41121-C Tile size 18x18
Devine Pearl 52712-C Tile size 18x18 
Devine Beige 91211-C Tile size 18x18
Devine Black Slate 53241-C Tile size 18x18
Devine Grey 97217-C Tile size 18x18